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Arjen Robben confirm contacts with other clubs

On Saturday afternoon, Arjen Robben revealed that he has had contact to other clubs. Not only that, he also made it sound as if Bayern is not his clear first choice for next season.

When asked whether this could be his last Bundesliga title with Bayern, he sounded pensive.

It’s possible. Anything is possible in football, which is why you have try to enjoy it and also keep your focus on football. I’ve often said it’s not easy because we’re all people, you have to plan and have thoughts in your head. Other clubs contact you and everyone’s making plans for next season, that’s the case for Bayern and other clubs as well and for me also. I have to think about it, but like I said the only important thing for me right now is this last month and I want to give everything.

The reporter immediately followed up, asking whether Bayern was still his first choice. He again declined to commit to anything and made it sound as if leaving Bayern is certainly in the cards, even if a contract extension is offered.

I think you always have to handle that very cooly. I’m not one to say that, “Oh Bayern is first [choice].” You always have to wait and see, in football anything is possible. As I said, and I think have said many times before, once all the options are on the table, I can make my decision.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge recently said there’s “not a lot that speaks against an extension” of both Robben and Franck Ribery. Going off of these quotes, though, makes it sound like Robben could walk away from Bayern after this season, regardless.

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