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Bayern boss dreams of Juventus star

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge admits he would love to bring Paulo Dybala to Bayern and believes Juventus can knock Barcelona out of the Champions League.

“Over the last three years Spanish sides have won the Champions League, but I think this will be the toughest Cup to win of all time, because all the quarter-finalists are capable of taking the trophy – except perhaps Leicester City.

“It is now difficult to say who is the favourite. Juve are a very strong side, so I am by no means convinced that Barcelona will get through.”

Rummenigge confessed he would like to bring Dybala to Bayern, but also that it’s unlikely to happen.

“There are many great players in both those squads. I think of someone like Dybala, but the problem is that no good players are sold on the market. Either you have to pay a sum that is outside the realms of normality or you don’t get them.

“The big difference from when I was a player is this – there was always a price-tag and it was achievable. Nowadays the best players are not sold by Bayern, Juve, Real Madrid or Barcelona, even if there’s a huge offer.”

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