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How Leon Goretzka would fit in at Bayern

The young German midfield prospect that is Leon Goretzka has made waves in recent seasons. His developmental years at Schalke have seemed to pay-off as he’s nearing his prime. As of late, he saw inclusion in Joachim Low’s senior national team and could be one of the newer faces for Germany in the World Cup this summer.

Goretzka made the biggest name for himself after being one of Germany’s most prolific players in their conquest of the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia. Subsequently, his current contract running out at Schalke sent tabloids on high-alert.

It is quite plain to see that Leon Goretzka possesses attractive qualities to any top club’s midfield. The young German provides a dynamic and energetic burst in the middle of the pitch. Here is where Goretzka’s talents are most emphasized.Obviously, the 22-year-old shines as a box-to-box central-midfielder. Most evidently, that fiery engine of his can be used to cover the field end-to-end. This talent of his allows him to contribute to two key areas of play for a box-to-box player. These areas are driving offensive play forward and tracking back on defense.

Goretzka proved in Russia last summer that he has these qualities in spades. Throughout the tournament, he showed that he has a surprising eye for goal. His most prominent display being his dominant performance and brace against Mexico.

This level of drive allows him to become an additional threat going up top along with any potential attacking-midfielders/forwards. Subsequently, this also allows him to provide an extra layer of protection for the back-line by defending with drive and motivation.

Jupp Heynckes has already confirmed no one, including Arturo Vidal, is leaving this winter. However, Antonio Conte’s interest in the midfielder is undeniable and this doesn’t rule out a potential summer move. If Bayern Munich were to finalize a move for the German, selling Vidal while his stock his up may be the best option.

Vidal has certainly seen a resurgence under Jupp Heynckes. Undeniably, his service to the club overall has been both admirable and successful. But the Chilean is starting to reach the ripe age for an athlete. And while Vidal’s defense is gladiator-like, it’s clear this doesn’t escape without that famous dash of rashness to his play.

Leon Goretzka could prove a younger model to Vidal. He can be tasked with playing attacking, box-to-box, or defensive-midfield. Consequently, he also shows to provide a more measured tenacity in defense compared to Arturo Vidal.

Unfortunately, the situation with Renato Sanches is becoming more clear. While the young Portuguese Euro 2016 champion has clear potential, Bayern Munich isn’t looking the best place to exploit that talent. The competition is too fierce and he can’t seem to rise to the challenge.

While he’s enjoyed a couple good recent performances at Swansea City, his tenure so far is ultimately an unsuccessful one. Perhaps cutting losses and selling Sanches to ply his trade — and hopefully succeed — elsewhere is best for all parties involved.

Sanches would likely do well to look for a club that has more need for him. He was originally brought into Bayern for the same reasons Vidal was. The Portuguese is an energetic box-to-box central-midfielder whose intended to be the successor to Arturo Vidal when his time comes to bow out of the club.

Bayern surely now have some serious thinking to do with the higher-ups of the club in regards to future transfers.

Depending on how the next few days play out, Bayern could be poised for an early steal of the summer transfer period.

Ultimately, a combination of cutting losses and taking advantage of current stock will decide Bayern’s success in the Goretzka saga. Perhaps the lump sum from potential Vidal and Sanches transfers — and possibly getting Goretzka for free — would incite a big-name summer signing from the club.

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