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No one is particularly happy with Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti has seen so much during his coaching career. At Milan, his line-ups were at times dictated by club owner Silvio Berlusconi, two strikers were a must.

In London, one or two players served as  Roman Abramowich’s eyes and ears, the Russian demanding a detailed report from his coach in front of the entire team after important defeats. And as Psg manager“Carletto” had the somewhat unenviable task of forming a cohesive unit from a motley crew of star signings.

But even the well-travelled, thick-skinned Carlo Ancelotti may well be wondering where his luck has taken him this time. In Munich, he tops the table with a seven-point advantage; his team made the quarter-finals in the German cup (DFB Pokal) and is considered favourites in the round-of-16 tie with Londong side Arsenal in the Champions League.

Yet still, no one seems to be particularly happy with him at Bayern For a club that took up the cause of “winning at all costs” for decades, wins suddenly aren’t enough anymore, now it’s about style scores.

Ancelotti’s team plays too ponderous for many fans, lacking an element of surprise.

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