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What moves should Bayern make this summer?

Who should Bayern hire as their next manager? Who should Bayern sign to help succeed Robbery? And who will replace Robert Lewandowski if he leaves the club?

The above questions are ones no doubt many Bayern Munich fans have asked themselves over the course of the past few months. While the club is looking fairly stable at the moment, there is still much uncertainty around its future.

Jupp Heynckes has continuously asserted that this is his last season managing Bayern. This leaves the club in desperate need of a solid replacement to lead the squad from next season onward.

Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben are both near the end of their effectiveness. Whether they extend their contracts beyond this summer or not, the veteran duo simply doesn’t have what it takes to star for the club week-in and week-out. Bayern’s executives must turn their attention to the transfer market in search of a viable successor to go alongside young Kingsley Coman.

The future of high-flying goalscorer Robert Lewandowski is also in doubt. After a recent change of agents, it seems highly plausible that the Pole could be on his way to Real Madrid in the summer. Having starred at Bayern for almost four seasons now, Lewandowski would leave a substantial hole for the club to fill.

Who will be Bayern’s next coach? Who has what it takes to help the club through the post-Robbery era? And who can fill the shoes of Polish super star Robert Lewandowski as Bayern’s main goalscorer?

Those are the questions we asked our staff, and what follows is their answers. Keep in mind, though they range from sensible to unreasonable, all approaches are purely speculative. It’d be utterly impossible for Bayern to make every move suggested, so don’t get too caught up in the feasibility of it all.


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