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Niko Kovac confirms Lewandowski’s desire to leave Bayern

How is this still a topic of conversation? Despite the club’s affirmation on multiple occasions that Robert Lewandowski is absolutely not for sale this summer, the Pole is still being linked with a move away from Bayern Munich.

Reports surfaced about a week ago that Lewandowski was eager to have a chat with the Bayern executives about his importance to the club and potentially negotiate further for an exit.

Just a few days ago, Sky Germany suggested that the Pole is still set on leaving Bavaria this summer and is actively pushing for a move to happen.

Speaking today with Sky Germany, manager Niko Kovac confirmed that Lewandowski still wants his move to Real Madrid. He further reassured, however, that the 29-year-old will not be sold this summer.

“There’s nothing new with Robert. It’s clear that he will not leave the club this summer, because we have a top striker and certainly do not want to give him away.

“It’s true that Lewandowski is flirting with a move. But what he wants is one thing and what we want is another. We’re Bayern, we have a top striker, and we won’t listen to people from the outside telling us what to do.”

Kovac couldn’t have made it any clearer in his statement. Sure, Robert Lewandowski may want to leave Bayern, but it’s not happening. He’s simply too important for the club to let go this summer.

The Croatian went on to highlight the Pole’s professionalism, explaining that he doesn’t foresee the forward going on strike or attempting to force the club’s hand.

If Lewandowski truly is unhappy at Bayern, it’s difficult to imagine how keeping him at the club provides any benefit in the locker room. But, like Kovac explained, Lewandowski is quite the professional.

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